Okay, so on the old Yello sites there was tons of spam. We know this and this is what led us to redesign and rebuild the entire Yello Classifieds site index.

In this article we will give you some tips on how to stay safe during using Yello Myanmar. On how to make sure you post high quality listings and that you engage with other Yello members with respect and responsibly.

Read the Terms and Conditions

When you sign up as a Yello user please take some time to read the terms and conditions. Pay attention to the types of listings that are not allowed, the type of activity that is not allowed (e.g. spamming) and the moderation policy.

Remember that as a Yello user, and also whenever you post a new listing, you are agreeing to abide by the Yello website terms and conditions.

Post Genuine Listings

Yello Myanmar is all about building a community of advertisers who can use Yello Myanmar to engage with customers to sell actual items. That means you must make sure that all your listings contain real and genuine information. We have made all information for each category mandatory, including images, because for a genuine sale or listing or service or job getting the required information is really not that hard.

When you post a listing in order for it to get the most attention make sure you do the following:

  • Post proper real world images of any product you are selling.
  • Be as descriptive as possible, especially when posting a service or a job. People want to know that by replying to your ad their time is not being wasted.
  • Be patient and don’t spam. Post your listing once, not several times in all categories. You’ll get banned for that.
  • Respect other users who contact you about your listing.
  • Have realistic expectations about your listing, the better information you provide the higher your chance of success will be.

Post Items That Are Not Prohibited

Posting listings for sexual service, drugs, prohibited items, or items that were previously allowed on the old sites will get you banned. We want the Yello Classifieds family of sites to be a genuine place where people can buy and sell actual goods, services and jobs. This is especially true with jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. We don’t want false listings or junk.

Take some time before you submit your listing to review it for accuracy of information. Ask yourself if you saw that listing on a Yello site would it grab your attention? If not, think about how to improve your text or images. Perhaps consider hiring a professional photographer for product shots or images of your office or staff if you are posting listings about services you offer or a new position in your company.

Respect other Yello Myanmar Users

When you reply to a listing please be respectful to the Yello advertiser. Make sure that you ask them questions that are relevant to the listing. Spamming them is against the terms of Yello Myanmar and is something we actively monitor for.

Never Give Out Any Personal Information In Your Listings Or Reviews

When you post a new listing on Yello Myanmar, don’t put any personal information in the listings description. Please do not put any external contact details to your email or social media or WhatsApp. All communication between a Yello Myanmar advertiser and a Yello Myanmar user must take place on Yello Myanmar only. So, if you are an advertiser, simply put a line in your listing description encouraging people to click the Reply To Listing button to contact you.

The new Yello sites let you review adverts which is new. This means that you can review your buyer or seller or a service or job you applied for on Yello. Remember that this is the internet and what you post gets seen by everyone. So make sure you don’t post anything negative, racist, xenophobic, homophobic or just plain spam whenever you rate a listing on Yello Myanmar.

Never give out any personal information when you review or post listings.

This includes:

  • Your phone number or email address or other contact details (e.g. WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook etc.)
  • Your website
  • Any other identifiable personal information

All listings or reviews will have this information removed from the listing or review. Repeating this may lead to you being banned from Yello Myanmar,

Spam message will not be tolerated. Posting sexual content as part of a review or anything against our terms and conditions will get you banned immediately. Posting your own advert as a review to someone else’s listing will also get you banned.

Help Make Yello Myanmar A Safe & Trusted Classifieds Site

We do encourage you though to praise buyers or sellers, as well as services you used and jobs you were successful in getting on Yello Myanmar. Doing this allows other users to see that Yello Myanmar provides high quality content to all its users. It also lets buyers and sellers, as well as as service and job advertisers that what they post is worthwhile and gets results. This is turn means other people will also advertise on Yello Myanmar with high quality listings which increases the overall quality of the site.

Hopefully this article has helped you understand how to behave on Yello Myanmar. We hope that you have fun and enjoy using the new Yello Myanmar site.

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